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The Legend of the Elves is an adventure game for the Amiga computer in the same style as games like Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer. It has taken 4 years to get as far as we have done. The game is complete in as far as the whole of Part 1 of the story is finished. There never will be a Part 2, but the game is still a very enjoyable adventure game to play. And, best of all, it's free, so why don't you download it today?

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In The Legend of of the Elves, you play the part of Eric, a young Elf who lives with his family in a small house on Corvée Island. One day after returning from his regular fishing trip, Eric discovers something which makes him embark on an extremely serious and desperate adventure. You control Eric as he searches for clues and help to aid him on his journey. 
During his journey, Eric meets many characters, and, with their help, may just be able to return home safely with his family. And who knows:? Maybe he'll also discover the Legend of the Elves.... 

The Legend of the Elves can be played on any Amiga with OS1.3 (OS2.04 for FFS disk version) or above and requires 2Mb Chip Ram as a minimum. We recommend at least some Fast Ram (although it may be possible to play without any Fast Ram - try it!) The game works much better with more memory and we recommend 2Mb Chip Ram and 2-4Mb Fast Ram for optimum performance.
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